Dog Training With Janice

Janice is a Dog Trainer and Behavior Consultant who teaches you how to strengthen the bond between you and your dog so your dog will learn to look to you for directions rather than taking matters into his or her own paws. She’ll coach both you and your dog so you are each clearly communicating with one another. Your dog learns “English” and you learn “Doglish”! Janice has extensive experience in observing, interpreting and understanding dog behavior. She is also a Certified Trick Dog Instructor and can show you how trick training not only helps increase self-confidence in your dog, but also reinforces the bond between handler and dog.

Janice's Mission

Reduce the number of dogs put down in shelters by educating the public on the importance of providing basic training for their loved dog
Educate the public about the positive benefits of training their loved dog using dog-friendly and compassionate training methods and to eliminate the use of choke chains, prong collars and other hurtful devices
Educate the public about the way that dogs think and feel
Provide all clients with the highest level of service, professionalism, compassion and honesty

Janice's Training Methods

Lots of reinforcement and recognition for those good behaviors your dog sends your way
You'll learn how to incorporate basic manners into your dog's day-to-day lifestyle
You'll learn the proper use of voice cues and hand signals
Only humane training methods are used - No jerking on the leash, no choke chains, prong, pinch or electric collars or any device that hurts, intimidates, or causes fear
Your training is specialized to meet the needs of both the 2-legged and the 4-legged participants